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Uyo Residents Brace Up for Eka Udo Free Day Today

In Lagos, it is Iya Basira. I don’t know who’s reigning in Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Ibadan, Jos or Benue but here in Uyo, we know Eka Udo.

Eka Udo is a make-shift fast food joint patronized by almost everyone that loves good food in the city of Uyo. Sometimes, I sit and wonder what their secret is! Is it the location? Is it the stew? Is it rice, beans, boiled yam, fried fish, Kanda (kpomo), Goat meat, beef or plantain?

Whatever your combination is among the bunch I’ve mentioned above, you can have it deliciously served at Eka Udo. Clement a.k.a Okon Lagos a.k.a Swansea is always on standby to serve you a bottle of chilled Coke, Fanta, Fayrouz, Pepsi, Merinda or satch (pure) water!

Every morning, if you’re coming in through Obio Imo axis towards Aka Road or you’re passing through Aka Road opposite Williams Street, you will notice a long queue of flashy cars!

Don’t be deceived! There’s is no bank there! That is not where the prestigious Ibom Tropicana Entertainment center is located! That is where Eka Udo is located!

No wonder people park their cars at Crunchies or G-Planet [major fast-food centers] and take a stroll down to Eka Udo. That’s brand loyalty!

Meanwhile, if you stop-by between 9am – 12 noon Monday to Saturday, you may have to wait for about 15-20 minutes before you’re served. That’s because Eka Udo is the 3rd most populous place in Uyo after the banks and wetinhappen.com.ng

Well, today is Eka Udo Free Day! That means, you’ll have a plate of your favourite delicacy FREE OF CHARGE! [Did I hear somebody shout Hallelujah?] Yes! It’s REAL! I understand this has been an age-long tradition at Eka Udo.

Christmas is in the air and believe me, this will be a great way to start December!! *Dances Azonto*, I won’t miss this one oo lai-lai!! I thinking of going there with a food flask sha, so I could get enough portion for lunch and dinner!

Everyone is in high spirit and so am I!! Yes, I can’t wait!! If you’re in Uyo, or planning to get in between 9am-12 noon today, don’t fail to stop-by for a refreshing Eka Udo treat!

You’ll be glad you did! I tell you! See you there!! Thank me later, joor!

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