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Nigeria/Russia Business and Investment Forum 2013: Ifreke Nseowo Speaks…

Ifreke Nseowo is the publisher of www.connoisseurng.com  and Nigeria’s youngest editor. He is a part of Nigeria’s delegation to the Nigeria/Russia Business and Investment Forum holding in Moscow, Russia. He happens to be the most-controversial writer in Akwa Ibom State and on this interview, Ifreke sheds more light on his N500m lawsuit and his experiences in Russia. Here are excerpts of that interview…

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Nice hooking up with you! We understand you’re in Russia, What took you there?

Ifreke: Yea. I’m currently in Moscow. 3 things took me to Russia. First, to attend the first ever Nigeria/Russia Business and Investment Forum. Second, as an editor, you know you work round the clock. So I have been working throughout the year, but I needed a vacation. Though it’s coming a bit late, I came to Russia for a summer holiday. Third, you know I have a court case next month where someone wants me to pay him N500m for a story I published back in June which he feels is injurious to him. I have been having threats to my life, so I’m taking my case to the international community and international human rights groups.

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Okay, so how does it feel over there in Moscow?

Ifreke: Mhen, Moscow is a nice city. You know Russia is a world power and the people here are great! Civilized and a well organized country of the world. I’m certainly enjoying my stay here but what will make me go soon is the cold weather. As I’m speaking with you I’m freezing. [lol]

I feel at home here because when I’m hungry, I leave my hotel to go to the residence of Nigeria’s Ambassador Chief Assam Assam SAN and his wife will prepare me an Akwa Ibom delicacy. So [in pidgin] “I no send all these Russian food”, because I eat Afang, Edikan Ikong, draw soup etc in the ambassador’s residence.

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Okay, when is the summit coming to an end?

Ifreke: It ended today. It was a two-day forum. So now is the second phase which is my holiday proper!

Wetinhappen.com.ng: So, how long are you staying for your holidays?

Ifreke: Because of my pending business deals in Nigeria and work at the office, I will leave Russia on Sunday and will be back in Nigeria on Tuesday. I miss blogging and my fans are missing my posts, so I have to be back soon. I can’t blog here in Russia because the network on my iPad is damn very slow. So, expect me in Nigeria on Tuesday next week.

Wetinhappen.com.ng: So far, so good. what have you learnt from the summit?

Ifreke: I learnt a lot and I’ve achieved a lot. Apart from the knowledge I gained from it, I made friends with great men over here. Earlier this morning, I met with the National Chairman of PDP, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur and we had a tete-a-tete for over 15 minutes. I met with the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Health, Hon. Elumelu.

I’m now friends with the Nigerian Ambassador to Russia, Chief Assam Assam. In fact, I have an exclusive interview with him tomorrow morning. I exchanged contacts with other great business men and women and politicians from Nigeria and Russia. It is quite rewarding.

As Nigeria’s youngest editor, Tukur was excited to meet me. He said the person who held the record before me, the late Pa Anthony Enahoro was his close friend. Such a great honour it was!

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Wow! So, one last words to your fans?

Ifreke: This is the 2nd interview I’ve had since news of the court case broke out in the media. I had earlier decided to be quiet on the matter but I later realized that it is not good to keep my friends and fans in the dark over the matter because most of them heard it via grapevine and since then they have been showing concern and panicking a lot.

At the risk of preempting the judge, I want to assure everyone especially my lovely fans that even without stepping a foot in the court room, victory is mine. If you are learned enough, a mere look at the summons you will know that there is no case.

There is actually no cause for panic because my legal team will slug it out in the court room when the time has come. I won’t bulge to pleas in certain quarters that the issue be settled out of court.

So to my fans, I say I love you guys. You have been amazing. Thanks for the support over the years and for keeping faith with me and the brand. I won’t disappoint. God bless you all.

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Thank you for your time…

Ifreke: You’re welcome

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