Sexual Harrasment: Policeman in streetfight with Maitama ‘Runs girl’


Royal Rumble 2013 came down to Uyo the Akwa Ibom State capital this morning around 12:30am as a commercial sex worker – fair in complexion- was engaged in a showdown with a policeman.

The Policeman, dark in complexion- is believed to be a part of the SARS team on parol around Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo.

Uyo’s red light district popularly known as ‘Maitama’ harbors commercial sex workers freely strutting the streets in bum-shorts and other body-revealing attires waiting for ‘customers’ to pick them up for either ‘short-time’ or ‘all-night’ sex sessions.

In Lagos, it is Allen Avenue; in Enugu it is New Heaven, here in Uyo, it is Maitama!

Eye witness say the Police Officer strolled across the road and like a flash of light, grabbed the BOOBS of the said ‘Runs girl’ and in expressed shock, the ‘Runs girl’ revolted and immediately grabbed the short of the officer demanding an explanation for this action.

The Officer who appeared drunk dashed out a hot slap on the lady and the show began! Few minutes into what Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon would call a ‘pitiable hullabaloo’ bystanders moved in to separate the waring duo and Policeman immediately brought out a pistol and threatened to shoot the young lady. Members of his patrol team moved in to settle the scuffle amidst much dragging and exchange of blows.

The ‘runs girl’ who appears to be new in town said the law enforcement officer behaved like a tout and wondered why this kind of men should be allowed to be in service in the much talked-about Akwa Ibom State with so much uncommon transformation.

Nearby in a small gathering, another ‘runs girl’ allegedly narrated her ordeal with these same officers earlier in the evening where she said that she and her friends were arrested and taken to the station. They had to pay N500 before they were freed.

The Police is our (your) friend, agreed… and we all know that they are saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties of the citizens. Who knows, maybe, the Policeman wanted to ensure that the ‘property’ of the ‘runs girl’ is intact, hence the checking!

Whatever be the case, Akwa Ibom is a peaceful state and law officers should ensure that citizens go about their normal business freely and not threaten or harass them.

What’s has been your experience with men of the Nigerian Police Force so man?

‘Sexual Harrasment’…Policeman in streetfight with Maitama ‘Runs girl’


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