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Yes! ‘You Can’! Exclusive Interview with Evangelist Pat Akpabio

First, it was Right on Time, followed by ‘I’ve Got Feelings’ and now, its ‘You Can’!

Three powerful gospel music albums to her credit! Recently, she was in the US for “An Evening with Princess Pat Akpabio” – a debut concert of her 3rd album ‘You Can’ which was well attended by her fans and lovers of good music at the BETHAK HALL located at 3099 Breckinridge Bulevard, Duluth GA 30096.

She is Princess (Evang.) Pat Akpabio. A seasoned financial analyst, fashion icon, beautiful mother of 3, Pat is noted for her impeccable fashion sense. She celebrates her beauty with clothes that accentuate her style.

She is an epitome of modern day Christianity and she has clearly and solidly changed the face of Nigerian Gospel music.

A diverse and innovative artist, whose stage presence electrifies fans internationally, Pat Akpabio has achieved what many wish to accomplish! In this interview, she sheds more light about her US trip and her new album. Read on…

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Nice having you here

Pat: Thanks so much

Wetinhappen.com.ng: We understand you have been in the US for some weeks, what took you there this time?

Pat: My new third Album. I’ve just released a third Album titled “You Can” with the single as “You can” under my record Label La’Khush Records. It is being distributed worldwide by Tate Music Group here in the USA. My album release concert was Nov. 2 and the Album was officially released Nov. 5th.

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Okay, so how was the concert?

Pat: The concert was great to the Glory of God. The pictures are on Facebook and Twitter

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Ya, we have seen the pics

Pat: Great

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Can you shed more light on your latest album? Whats the motivation behind it?

Pat: My message to the World is “You Can” achieve in the mist of adversity, rejection, lies, betrayal, pains, lack of believe etc because God has the final say over what happens here on Earth. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you not man because man will pull you down to get to the top. Depend more on God so “You Can” reach the top by God. I’ve been through so much in my life

Wetinhappen.com.ng: what other tracks are there in this new album?

Pat: Blessed are those, He Changeth not featuring Pasto Goody Goody, I love you featuring TN, In your presence featuring Utty, Se Obong anamde Onno mi, Humble He was, What kind of Love, None like you, Idem iyengke mmi, Bright and Morning Star featuring Pasto Goody Goody, Thank you featuring Achill. It’s a 14-track album

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Great

Pat: And I’ve overcome by God and now I can sing baby you can be a supper woman or baby you can be a supper man!

Wetinhappen.com.ng: We understand you’ll have an official launch of this album in Nigeria soon. Where and when will it hold?

Pat: The album launch will be held at New Birth Bible Church on  Saturday December 28th 2013 and this will be my first Church concert

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Great! Now lets talk about the video of ‘You can’

Pat: Ok

Wetinhappen.com.ng: This video is world-class!

Pat: Thanks

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Where was this video shot?

Pat: It was shot in Atlanta GA. USA at We Entertainment. Directed by Ne Yon

Wetinhappen.com.ng: So, what does it take to have a good video just like this one?

Pat: To God be all the glory. It takes quality to produce quality. I say keep your music video simple yet get the message across. For me it takes it all to get anything good.

Wetinhappen.com.ng: Okay

Pat: It also takes dedication and determination plus, one must love good things!

Wetinhappen.com.ng: You’re so energetic and power-full in this video! Where do you derive your motivation?

Pat: I was built that way by God. What ever I do, I always put my energy to it because I believe in my calling so much. God is my no1 motivator and my loved ones and also my awesome fans!

Wetinhappen.com.ng: One last word for the African, Nigerian and Akwa Ibom woman out there

Pat: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt. Keep your dreams alive and don’t let “anybody” kill your dreams. For the vision is for an appointed time, though it tarry, the manifestation must surely come, but you have to keep the candle burning, the fire ablaze, and the flag flying. From Princess Pat Akpabio to the World “only God can make a man out of Nothing”. I’m living my dreams, live yours because it’s entirely yours. Much love and soul!

 Thank you for your time

Pat: You’re welcome!

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