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A Tip Is a Peanut but Hardwork Is A Trip To Success

During the weekend I travelled to Calabar. I was so hungry that my next date was a fast food restaurant. I had waited for more than 30 minutes but no one was willing to sell. I confronted a cleaner who ...

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Talent with Hard Work Is The Best Recipe For Success

I had a neighbor who said that a newly born baby does not open up his palm suddenly because he is holding on to his luggage. Funny but the truth is that a good father would not send a son ...

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A Child Needs Freedom Bonded By Boundaries, Not Barriers

  A child is one who is tucked to her mother’s cloth begging for love and attention. The rod for a child is the word of God. It is a stroke of love and care. The parents, guardian, elders and ...

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Life Sausage Inspirations: First Impression Is Important But Last Expression Is Paramount

A good name is better than precious ointment. Then a bad name must be exactly the opposite or even worst. Impression is the life you live and expression is the legacy you leave behind. How does your life affect another? ...

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Every novel no matter how intriguing, exciting and interesting has a purpose. A purpose of a novel cannot be defined by just reading the theme or title. A book has different chapters which vary in narration, description and conversation. Just ...

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Pictures: Akbc Tv! Not Again! Not Again!!

Oh! not again AKBC TV! Not again! We’re upgrading! This is the era of digital broadcasting! Abegii, make una no act as if ‘Uncommon Transformation’ never reach una side oo! Earlier this evening, about 15mins after the airing of Righteous ...

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Welcome To Nwaniba Roundabout – The New Christmas Village In Uyo

Christmas comes and goes but me thinks 2012 Christmas celebrations in Uyo is or will be a special one. Oh well, we’re losing our colleagues, family and friends to our sister state (Cross River State) due to the on-going month-long ...

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What Brands Were Your Favourite When You Were A Child?

Okay, let us try something unusual! We want to know what brands you couldn’t do without when you were a kid! Do you remember the picture above? Does it trigger something in your memory? We want to have this vintage ...

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[Amebo Campaign] A Detailed Description Of Every Nigerian Guy’s Dream Girl!

Here’s a description of every Nigerian guy’s dream girl! Most guys won’t tell you this openly for many reasons! 1. Very cute with nice shape, not short, not fat, not bleached & not skinny 2. A graduate (at least a ...

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[Joke Of The Day] Nigerians Write Telecommunication Companies Over Poor Services

Dear GSM Service Providers, We don’t need to ask, we already know you guys are doing great. Please don’t be annoyed, but we don’t really need your free midnight calls. We don’t want to exhaust our hard-earned N300 airtime to ...

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