Fadabasi reveals plans for Ibom Jazz Festival


Fadabasi has hinted of his plans to stage the first ever international jazz festival in Akwa Ibom state. Fadabasi, who recently performed at the Lagos Jazz Festival alongside Victor Masondo of South Africa and other legends, stated that the event is inspired also by the millions of untapped musical talent in the Akwa Ibom.

In his words…

Ibom Jazz Festival will inspire the future by connecting them to their root early enough. We decided to create an opening that affords these talented young people not just a chance to learn and be inspired by musicians of international repute, and to prepare them to compete favourably in the international music community.

Fadabasi is the crooner of ‘Abasi Mmi Ayaya’, ‘Diamond in the Sky’ & ‘Imagine a World’, some of his singles which became a hit all over the world. He is a live band musician, guitarist, song writer, trado-modern folk artiste and an Environment Ambassador campaigning for a Green Akwa Ibom/Nigeria.

Fadabasi Udo Effiong has spent 12 years in the music scene with 3 albums to his credit, he hails from Abak LGA in Akwa Ibom state.

Back home in Akwa Ibom, he recorded the now popular signature tune for the ‘Uncommon Transformation TV series’ and is a part of the rare crop of musicians that grace the stage of the award winning and history making AKSG 9,999 singers’ carol.


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