Bassey Albert Akpan: The Next Mandate of Akwa Ibom


In a relay race, the anchor of the quartet is usually the strongest and fastest athlete in a team. As such, the baton exchange is usually the key factor for victory in such relay races which is usually the peak of any sporting event globally.

Usually the stars, the best athletes dominate these relay races that is why till date the likes of Carl Lewis of the United States of America and the rave of the moment, Usain Bolt of Jamaica are legends in the athletics world.

As the dusk of the present administration in AkwaIbom State closes in with the 2015 general elections fast approaching, the race of the Uncommon Transformation years of the Governor Akpabio’s administration is on the final lap and the strongest highlight towards achieving victory in the succession race would hinge on the smooth exchange of the baton as the anchor propels the state to a whole new level of new records, widely cherished by the people of the state as a true winner and globally acknowledged as the peoples choice.

The race to succeed Governor Akpabio is not a daunting task but a turning point once again in the political history of Akwa Ibom State as a divine mandate beckons to sustain the wheel of progress in the development of the state.

As the people of this great state stand bold in the challenge of the succession plot, it is certain that a successor lies on the path of a team player who was and has been  a key player in the foundation of the present administration, tested and trusted, a man whose leadership qualities, popularity, humility and diligence continues to receive rave reviews, a man whose visionary strides has touched so many lives in different wards of Akwa Ibom State, a man who has come to be identified as the next symbol of change in Akwa Ibom State, a model to the younger generation, a pride to the youths, a visionary leader to the Elders, the man whom the next mandate to lead Akwa Ibom State beckons, the enigma, Bassey Albert Akpan, the peoples choice and the man whose pace to unbundle Akwa Ibom State falls on.

Each new day, Bassey Albert Akpan continues to break new grounds on the “peoples march” to change the destiny of Akwa Ibom State as gradually stakeholders have come to identify with him, commending his laudable strides and sharing in the new vision for a prosperous future of our great state.

His selfless service and loyalty to the people of Akwa Ibom State as Finance Commissioner for seven years positions him as the best contender, strongest and fastest athlete to anchor the Akpabio years into the industrialization quest of the future of Akwa Ibom State in 2015 and beyond.

As Finance Commissioner, his in-depth insight which re-positioned the economy of the state all through his service to his fatherland has not been matched till date.

His office created the enabling environment which the state has thrived to break new grounds as the economy continues to receive a massive boost.

Bassey Albert’s prudent management of the state’s resources over the years was an inspiration and exemplary stride even as the Fitch ratings continues to soar on the state’s economic performance in his glorious years of service to the state.

As history beckons on Bassey Albert Akpan to step forward to receive the mandate to lead the new Akwa Ibom into a glorious future in 2015, this young game changer has been described as the heartbeat of the masses, the hope for the less privileged, the pillar to the women and widows and the bridge builder for the future by the Elders.

In 2015 in Akwa Ibom State, the wishes of the people will prevail against the leaders whose rule have become dictatorial, holding on tight to their political stronghold.

Like it happened in Ekiti State last weekend where an incumbent was overwhelming ousted across all sixteen local government areas, another watershed looms when the people will rise and speak with one voice against an unpopular choice to lead the state beyond the Uncommon Transformation years.

The people of Akwa Ibom State have become emboldened in the fact that they remain the towering beacon in a democracy and gone are the days where narrowed choices are forced down the throats and spines of the people to contest.

Every individual interested in the succession plot to succeed our amiable Governor next year must show working, meet the people and show his or her genuine contributions, not make believe stories or fictitious lineages on his contributions to the growth of our state even before the Uncommon Transformation years.

Akwa Ibom State today needs a leader who is widely accepted, popular and intelligent. The people will accept a man of integrity, a man who will not be teleguided or seen as the choice of any leader. He must be a choice widely accepted by all across the state and the people must be allowed to take their destiny into their own hands.

As such, the flag-bearer of the party to lead the emerging renaissance in the next dispensation must be crested with the people even the delegates whom we believe should stand by the truth, be bold and protect the future of the state.

The personality of Bassey Albert Akpan further positions him as a popular choice for Akwa Ibom State. A grass rooter by nature, loved by all including the hierarchy of the party despite the present unpleasant challenges they have been made to tow.

Bassey Albert, a man closely followed by his teeming supporters whose sacrifices to the success of his ascendancy to the throne has broken new barriers in Akwa Ibom State.

Every stop he makes along the path to this glorious ascension has been heralded with widespread followership and endorsements.

Today, Bassey Albert remains standing as the next mandate of Akwa Ibom State, the nexus between Senatorial districts and Federal Constituencies even in Eket Senatorial district.

The name Bassey Albert Akpan in the succession plot ahead of the general elections is the game changer, that name signifies the new password to change in Akwa Ibom State. That name is the new code for good governance in Akwa Ibom State.

That name is the movement for change that Akwa Ibom State would sustain beyond 2015. That name beholds the new face of governance which has come to be widely adored by the people.

That name holds the key to happiness for the common man on the streets of Akwa Ibom. Bassey Albert Akpan represents the true test of a party leader over the years, a great community helper, an astute administrator, a first class intellect and a prudent manager of resources.

As the relay race to this succession agenda becomes clearer, Akwa Ibom people have come to realize that the hope for a bright future lies with a team player for seven years and that shows that experience counts and remains a yardstick for good governance, a team player who has felt the pulse of the people in the past seven years through thick and thin, a  team player who knows every ward in Akwa Ibom State on first name basis, not a yesterday’s new found hero, a team player who has been a loyal disciple to his Principal, a team player whom the crown of glory shines upon, a team player who holds a divine mandate to lead Akwa Ibom State to its new destiny, a team player who has received the baton as the anchor in this race as the people rise up to cheer this team player to victory.

We celebrate the new records broken by this team player, Bassey Albert Akpan as he breast the tape first with that Golden smile re-assuring our generation of a guaranteed future in his leadership. Only the best will emerge the winner.

Bassey Albert  Akpan remains the mandate of Akwa Ibom 2015.

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[+] Written By: – Daily Newswire Newspapers, Uyo.


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