“Love Has Not Been Kind to Me” – Nollywood Actress Chika Agatha says


Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Chika Agatha, isn’t one of those out-of-luck Nollywood wannabes, that would be fast to tell you they are either resting or having a time off.

The busty beautiful, business management graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, has her hands full, with too many yet-to-be released jobs even though she has scores of others in her kitty.

Sex in the Bar Beach; Ajekpako Billionaire; Temple of Serpent; Sons of Zebedee, are some of the films Chika has just wrapped up.

A look at any of these films may just have you to appreciate Chika’s forget-me-not eyes, that could do things to you, not to talk of her boobs, which seem to throw themselves at you, like saying ” What the hell can you do to me?”

But with all these assets that could set a man on fire, Chika is far from being lucky with the opposite sex.

In fact the Anambra State-born Thespian doesn’t believe in love “Love? I have heard it in the movies; musicians sing of it, writers do stories about it, just one person proved it exists and that’s my father” she said “I have dated guys, yes, but saying love, is a bit of a cliche , love is what one says to either get sex, money, or any material thing from the opposite sex”.

Now, isn’t that a teaser for a jigsaw puzzle? A girl, so full of life, luxuriantly beautiful,with the right curves in the right places, asking questions that would get your mind in a quandry and yet sounding like something that got caught between the night and day, isn’t exactly something that has played fair with my imagination.

“Seriously, haven’t you been in love before?” I queried. ” Yes, I have. I thought I was in love until I got a shocker that proved otherwise. Yes, I was in love but never again. I would get married someday, I know, but whether love would be the reason is something I cannot say for now. I am used to being alone. Sometimes, I have stayed over two years out of relationships before. I have been in and out of relationships that didn’t work.

I am not in any relationship currently. Imagine, I spent the last St. Valentine’s Day with someone, my ex, I didn’t expect anything serious though, we had sex and I went home next day. Do you believe I haven’t got a single call from him till today, since February 14th? Of course, he got me lots of gift for Valentine. Men of nowadays are too greedy. Right now I am taking my time. I have been alone a long time, so am not ready to settle for just any man”, she said rather gloomily


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