The Mandators move to revive reggae in Africa


Victor Essiet a.k.a The Mandators

The Africa Meets Reggae and World Music Festival is to be held in Nigeria on Saturday, 29th of November 2014. The first international festival of the reggae music brand debuting this year in Nigeria.

Reggae music is a powerful instrument of change and since Victor Essiet’s time in America over the last decade, the message and music has greatly faded. Victor Essiet (The Mandators) has returned to Nigeria in recent years and one of his missions is to re-establish Reggae music and its message to prominence in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

The festival will be held in three states; Cross River State (Calabar), River State (Port Harcourt), and Lagos State (Lagos) showcasing the top names in Reggae and World music over three days, coinciding with the 100th Centenary of Nigeria as a nation.Festival headliners are expected to be Majek Fashek, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley and Stephen Marley, Victor Essiet and The Mandators, King Sunny Ade, and top international artists like Snoop Lion (Dogg), Shaggy, and many more.

Africa Meets Reggae has been an annual musical event hosted by Echodelic Music and Dub Club in Los Angeles the past four years and now it will be hosted in Nigeria for the first time by Mystic Records USA / Nigeria (Victor Essiet The Mandators “the Godfather of African Reggae”) and AWD / Brand Believers based in Nigeria in conjunction with Tom Chasteen (Echodelic Music / Dub Club) and Russell Gerlach (Foundation Artists) from the USA. All are bringing this concept to an international stage with production offices established in both Los Angeles, CA, USA and Lagos, Nigeria.

This festival will give Reggae and world music new exposure and awareness to music fans worldwide. Come celebrate Reggae and World Music with the Living Legends of today.

For more information, please contact:

Russell Gerlach: (562) 948-3008

[+] Nelson NseAbasi


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