OBA: Resource Mobilization agent for Economic Transformation of Akwa Ibom State


Resource mobilization involves acquisition, development and utilization of resources to achieve a common goal. In Governance, Resource mobilization directly implies effective utilization of resources available in a state or locality for development of the people.

According to analysis by some scholars, the process of mobilizing and managing resources comprises identification, selection, collection, prioritization and utilization of resources for the benefit of mankind.

Akwa Ibom state is blessed with abundant Human and Natural resources. This over years has brought unprecedented development to people since creation of the state in 1987, leading to placement of the state as reference point to other developing states.

In the past couple of years, much emphasis has been placed on crude Oil, research has enabled experts discovered untapped resources available in the state for harnessing and use by man. These resources can be linked to sectors like Agriculture, Commerce and Industry, Martine Technology, Aviation, Human Capital and Rural Development amongst others.

To effectively utilize resources available in the state, there is need to involve experienced, result oriented and development driven individuals in the process of Governance.

As the present administration prepares to usher in a new political dispensation in the next couple of months, it is very essential for us as a people to consider individuals who understand the problems of Akwa Ibom people to form greater part of the next administration of the state. This will guarantee effective utilization of resources available in the state for continued transformation of the people.

One of few personalities that fit into these class of experienced technocrats that will play key role in the realization of the dreams of our forefathers is; Obong Bassey Albert (OBA). Having being mentored and trained by Governor Akpabio for seven years, he is considered by a cross section of Akwa Ibom people as the bridge needed to cross to the new Akwa Ibom.

Obong Bassey Albert is experienced and has been involved in the business of Governance at all levels. This quality clearly identifies him as a Grassroot Research and Development expert who is vested with knowledge of relevant data and tools required for massive transformation of the state’s economy.

As a resource mobilization and research expert, Mr. Bassey Albert over the years has identified resources available in Akwa Ibom (tapped and untapped). This is why he preaches togetherness and peaceful co-existence of the people at all times, because he extensively values and has developed model for effective utilization of the economic and political resources available in the state.

OBA’s priority is to ensure sustainable development of Akwa Ibom people. He plans to engage all and sundry in decision making process at all levels of Governance. Through various empowerment programs his administration will bring on board, the people will witness massive eradication of poverty in the short term to becoming self reliant in the long term.

As a man of proven track record, Mr. Bassey Albert has successfully answered the 4W question of development of: what, where, who and when. This is why Akwa Ibom people see him as a diatribe, given his benevolence that cuts across all class of persons irrespective of age, sex, origin, ethnic affiliation and race. This quality has clearly differentiated him from others interested in becoming the first citizen of the state.

OBA as a resource mobilization agent has a positive relationship with social activities of Akwa Ibom people, this has enabled him to socialize freely and in return experience widespread acceptance within and outside the political strata of Akwa Ibom.

Having identified key elements that will be crucial transformation of Akwa Ibom people and realization of our individual and collective stomach infrastructure quest, Mr. Bassey Albert will build the Youths, maintain the elders and empower the women. This will be done through numerous capacity building programs and equitable distribution of wealth to the people. It will also ensure poverty is banished completely from the land.

Resources cannot be efficiently mobilized without involvement of the people. This is one of the exciting qualities of Obong Bassey Albert, who is seen by many as not just one with a listening ear, but also a responsive one.

Mr. Bassey Albert is characterized with captivating Human relations feature that guides his decision making objectives and policy formulation. These are the fundamental at which he anchors his trust and believe on God.

As commissioner for finance and chairman of the state’s inter-ministerial direct labour coordinating committee, he was a social mobilizer who brokered peace in turbulent areas that developments were not feasible. This ensured the people gave room for Government to develop new and existing infrastructures in communities without Government presence for decades.

OBA believes that resources available in Akwa Ibom should be mobilized and utilized by people of the state. This was key to his decision to engage a team of professionals to embark on massive Research and analysis of resources yet to be utilized in the state, to create room for speedy development when he assumes office as Governor.

There is need to mobilize resources available in the state to develop other sectors of the economy to reduce dependency on Oil, following prediction that Crude Oil production will diminish in the coming years.

Akwa Ibom is blessed with enormous resources. It is very essential for us to seek answers to our quest for sustainable development. These answers can truly be found in one man, Obong Bassey Albert, who has capacity to consolidate on the infrastructural development brought to the people by the current administration.

Having served the state for seven years with loyalty and humility coupled with his experience in the private sector, Mr. Bassey Albert is the right man that will guarantee the future of Akwa Ibom people. In the emerging Akwa Ibom, Mr. Bassey Albert is seen by many as a jack of all trade and master of all.

It is a clear fact that the wide popularity and acceptability enjoyed by the former banker ahead of the 2015 race has placed him above others seeking to become number one citizen of the state. This clearly signifies that Akwa Ibom people trust the leadership capacity of OBA, even as many are of the opinion that he has the required prerequisite for effective mobilization of the state resources for benefit of the masses.

Resource mobilization is pivotal to realization of the new Akwa Ibom. As a people, we should know that positive development cannot be attained without entrusting leadership on seasoned and experienced individuals that have stood out and at the same time possess some level of experience in te business of Governance.

Akwa Ibom people, the 2015 Guber election draws nigh, we owe generations unborn a duty, which is to individually and collectively mobilize support for Obong Bassey Albert to emerge Governor of the state. OBA is the resource mobilization agent sent from heaven to ensure we realize our potentials. As he has offered himself for service to the people, let us speak in one voice for Akwa Ubok Abasi to direct the affairs of our dear state.

God Bless Akwa Ibom!!!

[+] Promise Etim | A Public Affairs Analyst| Uyo


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