Exclusive Interview With Terry the Ginger Master


The city had been flooded with posters and news of the ‘mad man’s planned visit to Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state, for the Grand Lager Concert and tour of cities in the South of Nigeria. Night crawlers and fun lovers had polished their dancing shoes. Reports have it that Terry G’s performance was likened to a church healing service with his thrilling and mind blowing stage craft.
The day after the Grand Lager show, what was just a sit-out awaiting Terry G’s flight time became much more, as other top entertainers like Monkals, Pasto Goody Goody, and Sir James joined the later broadened conversation.

Terry himself being a man with various sides enjoyed the conversation; his persona depends on where you meet him at what time of the day. I couldn’t believe the stories of the previous night’s performance, comparing it to the cool and calm gentle man sitting before me in white contemporary white native attire.

To this journalist, Terry (Gabriel Amanyi) is more of a friend from way back start up days in Lagos. So meeting again was more of flash backs and catch ups which made up a better part of the interview, indulge;

How do you see the current position of things in the industry?
Mehn. It is competitive. Especially in Lagos, being the mainstream, there are a-million-and-one made and well known artistes. So you have to be on top of your game.

What is your advice to artistes?
Keep doing music. Don’t bore your fans and the audience.
Then focus on performance and stage craft; doing music in the studio is different from the stage. The people wanna see something different all the time.

Who do you admire in the Nigerian music industry?
Omo na Tubaba O… Tuface Idibia is my best anytime any day. I respect him a lot. He can perform on stage for hours.

How is your former label mate Ayzee?
Ayzee is cool; he is doing well with his job consulting for Kwara State Government. Ayzee just needed to hear the truth, and I told him, in Nigeria, you need to serve the people with the kind of music they wanna hear, he just has to go a lil commercial.

You have been here a lot of times, how do you see Akwa Ibom?
It is a cool place. I like the peace and comfort. I also like the food. If not for the jobs I have at hand in Lagos, I would have loved to stay 1 more day

Do you speak Ibibio?
Why not…Just that when I speak, it is like a call and response cos I also respond to what I say (laughs)

Do you still wear camouflage clothing?
No o. I am a law abiding citizen. So I just had to stop at once to avoid embarrassment. You know no one is above the law, celebrity or no celebrity. And especially as celebrities, we need to lead by example

Talk about your ‘baby mama’
That woman changed my life; she is not just my ‘Baby Mama’. I love my child so much, and that is a product of the love I have for the mother. She is the other side of Terry G; she is Terry without the Ginger… She is British trained and brought up, credible and dependable; she is in charge of my family and investments, while I am always on the road doing shows.


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