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UPUT Magazine Celebrate Partners of Uncommon Transformation

On May 29, 2007 the social contract was signed and flight Godswill Obot Akpabio took off! Few years later, this historic cruise fueled by the collective desire of the people for change has translated to concrete infrastructure and a re-invigorated Akwa Ibom Psyche.

Doting the entire length and breadth of the state are world-class life- changing and revolutionary infrastructure developments christened “Uncommon Transformation”. It is important to state boldly that none of these heights could have been possible without the unalloyed support of the legislators at the state and national level.

The 5th Assembly christened “The People’s Assembly” has no doubt championed an unprecedented partnership with the Akpabio- led executive arm resulting in a paradigm shift in the socio-economic landscape of the state. Those at the national level have also been found as worthy ambassadors. There are partners and there are partners!

Drawn from a wide field assessment of performances so far, from their effective representation, fruitful and robust deliberations in the floor of the house and landmark constituency projects, legislators at the state and national level have been chosen as “Uncommon Partners” in the Uncommon Transformation of the present Akwa Ibom. The maiden edition of the U-PUT magazine is packaged to celebrate them.

On Democracy Day, 5,000 copies of the U-PUT – Uncommon Partners of Uncommon Transformation Magazine will be printed and distributed free-of-charge to everyone.

Emmanuel Godwin – Publisher of this magazine in a chat with pressmen said…

“This magazine will chronicle achievements in words and pictures for all to see. In addition, a special 45-minutes radio documentary will be produced to celebrate and kick-off an advocacy campaign for the legislators. Also, a digital version of the magazine will be uploaded to the internet where about 1 million downloads are expected from readers in over 140 countries.”

The publisher encouraged legislators that have been contacted to take advantage of this veritable platform to propagate their good works and enjoy overwhelming goodwill from the public.

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