#ReleaseOduduUkpana: Over 50, 000 Akwa Ibom Youths set for Protest


Over 50, 000 Akwa Ibom youths from all spheres of life are reportedly getting set to stage a peaceful protest in Uyo for the release of Odudu Ukpanah – the only son of Late Albert Ukpanah who was murdered in an alleged politically-motivated killing back in March 2014 at his home in Abak LGA of Akwa Ibom State.

A release made available to us by the daughter of the deceased and CEO of Pushies Makeover, Ofonime Ukpanah reads…

We have waited patiently for Akwa Ibom State government to produce evidence and witnesses to support the murder charge against our only brother that he killed our father for Two Million Naira. He has been in prison for 7months. Our father was murdered on the 12th of March 2014 and my brother was  in prison 3days after the burial which was on the 24th of May 2014. Our sick mother who has Cancer, Stroke and Parkinson has been just informed and is so broken. I bet as a mother no one wants to hear about what she is going through. She just lost a husband and can’t loose an only son. We want our only brother for Christmas.  The trauma about our dad’s murder has done much more that we can handle.

Ofonime also wrote on Facebook…

I was proudly an Akwaibomite and proud to say Akwaibom ADOOK everywhere in the world till my dad Albert Ukpanah was murdered for speaking the truth. Now I know what others passed through. People can’t speak the truth anymore cause of the fear of being murdered but I still stand for the truth like my DAD…

As another “Arab Spring” looms, one cannot help but wonder why Odudu Ukpanah is still in detention till now without trial or a release. Akwa Ibom youths therefore call on the government of Akwa Ibom State to speak up on this matter and take action immediately!


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  1. Michael Etim Essien on

    As long as Nigeria is signatory to Human and poeple right law, it’ll be expedient to see that the good and peace loving people of Akwa Ibom work towards ensuring just a great deal of order and total rule of law. It’ll be unacceptable for any person to be in detention without formal trial for what he or she is acuused of. I humbly through the mercy of God urge all the authorities concern to make use of judicial system to avoid public criticism and untold anguish. Let the gentleman be tried in court in order to know the outcome and if found guilty of course we all know what the laws says to such offense. All offenders must be punished irrespective of the person’s posiyion in society or political platform and family background notwithstanding. Please let’s give peace a chance to play its role. God bless Akwa Ibom and all Judicial body.

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