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Bassey Albert: A Philanthropist After God’s Own Heart

It is a recognized trend that politicians in Nigeria are widely celebrated while in office and rejected when out of office.

Some politicians upon leaving office wish they had more time to impact on lives, while others wished they had resources to keep them in close contact with the people.

Many Political appointees and elected office holders see their position as an opportunity to enrich themselves and immediate family, completely ignoring the people they represent.

The bible in Mark 6:4 clarifies that “a Prophet has but no honour in his own land”.

Many politicians were breaded with this mentality and had since believed and held unto, why others use that as a yardstick to deny people who look forward to them help.

One man that has defied the odds with respect to this norm is the immediate past Commissioner for finance in Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Bassey Albert Akpan. He has set a record as the first Politician in the state to be openly celebrated by over ten thousand people (10,000) in a single event within forty eight hours of exit from office.

Socio-Political organizations, Youth groups, physically challenged persons and even market women were not left out of the celebration, as supporters in their thousands stormed the former finance boss’ residence along Shelter Afrique, Uyo to show solidarity to the Ibiono Ibom born Philanthropist hours after his sack.

Mr. Bassey Albert has a heart of gold. He does not consider people’s background or ethnic affiliation before rendering help to them.

He has succeeded in building capacity and opening up channels of development for the people to come interact on key issues affecting economic advancement of the state.

The scripture records in Luke 6:38 that we should give and it shall be given back. The raging support and solidarity Mr. Albert is enjoying today is as a result of his free willing attitude.

Logically, as he helps people, God in turn gives him back through the people. The bible also states that it is better to be a giver than a receiver; this has been the focal point of Mr. Bassey Albert since he came into the world about forty one years ago.

In his early days, it has been confirmed that he was fun of donating his portion of food to younger siblings to eat and be satisfied.

This clearly signifies that his consistent attitude of rendering help to people was not developed overnight, but rather an in-born principle.

I was opportuned to meet with a former driver at one of the financial institutions he had stint with, he told me in clear terms that Mr. Bassey Albert was known for donating his earnings to people with problems of all sort on a daily basis at the expanse of his family and other needs.

He also told me that Mr. Bassey Albert supported widows and pensioners and will not bother leaving office for home late on the night provided all pensioners are being attended to.

Mr. Bassey Albert is a friend to the needy, the poor and the rich. Sampling people’s opinion on scale of ten; nine persons consistently said positive and good things about this noble man, even ones that have not met him before.

Politicians have a duty of developing their immediate community.

If the goodwill gesture developed by Mr. Bassey Albert is replicated by politicians across the state, poverty and underdevelopment would have been a thing of the past by today.

As the political leader of Ibiono Ibom Local Government area, Mr. Bassey Albert looks beyond boundaries of his locality and develop capacity to empower thousands within and outside state, irrespective of class, age, political affiliation and origin.

Mr. Bassey Albert is not ethnic inclined; he is loved by many across the state. He treats everyone fairly and he’s not interested in knowing where you are from. This gesture has endeared many people to his already exciting fan-base.

Being Philanthropic is a gift from God, but being Philanthropic and having a good heart is a rare blessing.

Akwa Ibom state is so blessed to have such a man who sees himself as the least person and considers the plight of others as his own personal problem.

Mr. Bassey Albert’s charitable character inspired widows in Akwa Ibom state to recently embark on prayers for him and his family, a move that touched heaven to open up windows and pour out blessings beyond limit.

This heavenly assertion is evident in his raising profile and love by the people.

As the Political atmosphere in the state condenses, it is important we encourage people with goodwill like Mr. Bassey Albert to continue touching lives and restoring hope to the hopeless.

As we project Human capital development as the defining factor in the next political dispensation, Mr. Bassey Albert shares the passion of every Akwa Ibom person to see development spread across every nook and cranny of the state.

His recent call for support to the Akpabio administration reaffirms the fact that the former finance boss is not self centered or an egoistic politician.

The move took many by surprise, but has now been seen as the best Political diffusion in recent history.

Akwa Ibom people should be focused, dedicated and committed to the business of projecting and commending persons who are wholeheartedly philanthropic. Mr. Bassey Albert is loved by the people. He is of a charitable character.

He is human development driven, articulate, experienced and passionate about the plight of the common man in the street.

His love for research and development indicates genuine intention for continued transformation of the state. God admire persons with good heart.

Mr. Bassey Albert’s philanthropic gesture has completely cemented the bond between him and heaven.

He is a Man after God’s own heart. Let’s cultivate the habit of celebrating Akwa Ibom people with depth, panache, experience, flair, and passion.

[Written By]: Promise Etim A Social Commentator Uyo

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