ASUP STRIKE: Are Polytechnic Students On Strike Or On Lifetime Holiday?


ASUP strike started 8 months ago and only little have been heard about the strike.

I, being a Polytechnic student, a lot of questions has been running through my mind and one of those questions numerous question is,  Is ASUP on “STRIKE” or on a Life time ‘HOLIDAY’?

If ASUP were to be on strike, I think a lot of things should be happening  right now rather than subjecting we innocent student to
compulsory ‘HOLIDAY

I believe Dialogue Upon Dialogue  ought to have been going on or happening between ASUP and the FG just like how it happens during the ASUU strike.

Does the  Government nonchalant attitude towards resolving ASUP strike reflects the government attitude towards Polytechnic education in Nigeria?

At least we all saw what happened during the University strike and we all saw how it went.

Even though it takes months before ASUU strike was resolved but there were lot of moves made by the FG in other to resolve the crisis.

The question is, what will it take the Federal Government to meet up with ASUP demands.

But come to think of it, among the numerous demands by ASUP, which of them are they really demanding for or let me say which of them is ‘Important‘ ?

Is it the Funding of Nigeria Polytechnics by the FG? Is it the constitution of an effective and functional governing council
for polytechnics?

Is it a white paper on visitation panels to polytechnics and a much-needed assessment of polytechnics?

Or more importantly HND and B.Sc discrimination?

Left to me as a student, with my little level of thinking, I think what ASUP needs to do is to cut down there demands and have a scale of preference because the nonchalant attitude of the Government is not encouraging and it is we  the student that is  are suffering from this.

Let’s have a solid reason for going on strike! If it is because of HND and BSsc discrimination, let the government know and if it’s because of the allowances, let the government know about it because if we continue to present a paper full of demands, we might still continue our ‘HOLIDAY‘ till …( Only God knows).

One other thing is that the media are not helping the matter at all.

During AUSU strike, the news were everywhere all through the end of the strike. Why is ASUP strike a different case?

The question is left for the media to answer.

ASUP please do something very fast! We can’t wait to resume.

FG thanks for your nonchalant attitude towards polytechnic education.

Keep pursuing your 2015 political ambition.

Only God can judge.

I rest my case.

Readers, please ignore my grammatical blunders, it is as a result of the strike. As time goes on I will improve.

Com. Ogbeni Akinremi


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