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Amaecom Global MD Launches Marcel Ofomata Foundation

Amaecom Global MD, Dr. Marcel Ofomata has launched a foundation that will focus on training hands and empowering minds.

Dr. Marcel Ofomata is an astute businessman, we read, widely traveled and richly experienced in Credit Management, Finance, Business Management and Engineering; bringing to bear over 20 years of active business success in both private and corporate institutions.

Dr. Marcel Ofomata – MD Amaecom Global Limited

Amaecom Global Limited is an indigenous Nigerian business initiative offering professional services to the teeming population of individuals, corporate and Government-created institutions in the areas of Asset Acquisition and Alternative Energy Solutions.

With QUALITY, INTEGRITY AND PASSION as its core values and with over 15 outlets nationwide, Amaecom Global Limited, as a human-centric enterprise, is committed to ENHANCING LIVES THROUGH THE PROVISION OF UNBEATABLE, STRESS-FREE ASSET ACQUISITION SOLUTIONS!

Marcel Ofomata Foundation is a Nigerian-based, privately funded philanthropic organization.

Founded in 2012, its mission is to Nigerians, both indigents and gifted or skilled people without the necessary support, expertise and knowledge needed to succeed in education, business and career fulfillment through Entrepreneurship leveraging, Educational Scholarship and deliberate Mentoring Schemes in selected fields.

Marcel Ofomata Foundation believes that helping a generation to make a difference means teaching them how to so a thing rather than just showing them what things to do.

From research, objective and intelligent observations, it is noted that having an education is key in the 21st century.

Owing to the tact that our educational curricula are not at par with the demands of the labor market, which in return reduces graduates  to nothing but misfits in professional fields, employing therefore an integrated approach to bridge these gaps through entrepreneurship levering, educational scholarship and deliberate mentoring scheme is paramount.

They seek to design and facilitate a new breed that is equipped with the right skill-sets and knowledge-base to correct these anomalies while crating an environment for the Nigerian youths.


The Marcel-Equip-An-Entrepreneur Today Scheme is aimed at aiding and supporting youth in enterprise with the expertise, network and leverage necessary to equip them with what is necessary and guiding them through the labyrinths of the labour markets.


The Marcel Ofomata Leverage Education Scheme (MOLES) is a scholarship programme purely designed to support the indigent that are willing to go to school and have qualitative education but cannot afford it. This scheme will aid the unschooled and uneducated to also enjoy what other privileged persons are enjoying.


Marcel Ofomata Mentoring Programme (MOM) is created in direct response to the numerous requests from young people and leaders soliciting mentoring support in life. Through this platform, young and emerging leaders can directly interact with groups or emerging leaders and leaders who are to be supported by bespoke and deliberate mentoring supports to assist wholesome growth.

To learn more on available opportunities and how you can be a part of it, click www.marcelofomatafoundation.org

To visit Amaecom Global Limited online, click www.amaecomglobal.com

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