11 Things You Didn’t Know About Nature Udoh


Nature Udoh is passionate about his work as a Brand Consultant, he loves his family and respects his relationship with people.

He has drawn lines to generate a synergy that helps him combine work, family and relationships.

It is this personality trait combined with his self-knowledge, values, interest and skills that have stood him out as a brand consultant per excellence and an entertainment promotion overlord.

A firm believer in the destiny and transformation of his people, he initiated the ‘Ado Ok’ campaign, in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Special Duties through his ‘Ado Ok’ initiative in 2007.

This gentleman Advocated strongly for the Akwa Ibom man to believe in the power of courage, perseverance, and wholesome attitude towards life with God as their pivotal strength.

As Chairman of Nature Udoh Group, Nature Udoh has created a niche for himself not only as an image solutions provider, but also as an event consultant and manager.

He says, he has been on top of his game as a result of practice, study, his passion for creativity, knowing what people want, and hardwork.

He is always ready to work, and has gingered the younger generation in the arts to embrace their passion and pursue their dreams.

Nature Udoh has promoted events such as; What’s Your Swag – a music talent hunt project, Green White Carnival (2011), Etighi Amplified I & II (Uyo & Calabar), Etighi Carnival and lots of other events for the Akwa Ibom State Government.

He is also the brain behind the yet to be launched Etighi Chat, a social network application that will enable global social interaction.

Nature Udoh with his family

Nature Udoh is the defacto head of Ndito Boys & Girls Organization, and if you are not a part of Ndito Boys & Girls, #UTAK.


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