The Case of Willie-Willie And The Akwa Ibom Question

Many of us who had lived in Akwa Ibom State or Uyo through the 80’s, can still remember the story of Willie-Willie, the ghost shown on NTA, Uyo.
That was the story of innocent and dedicated houseboy murdered by his master for money making rituals, the wife of his master, Nchelem, wanted money and power by all means that the husband never had peace in his mind.
The poor man had nothing but two choices; remain poor and die in the hands of Nchelem his wife or kill Willie-Willie for rituals, make some cool bucks, and enjoy the full potentials of his beautiful wife.

Yes, Willie-Willie died, but the much sought after money, power and peace, never got near Nchelem and the husband. The entire village was thrown into the eclipse of ghosts.

The spirit of Willie-Willie hunted everybody including children and elders, but the damage was not repairable.

In Akwa Ibom State, it is always difficult to remember the past. Not too long ago, during the trying times of Governor Akpabio to the Hiltop Mansion, those who thought they were very strong, the likes of Senator John Akpan Udoedehe, played discordant tunes against the then Governor Victor Attah,which later turned out to swallow them.
In recent times, the political landscape of Akwa Ibom State could be described as “Volatile”, considering the tragedy that had befall formidable players in the State. Today, another Willie-Willie has been sacrificed.
In the soap of the 80’s, only one Willie-Willie was sacrificed, in Akwa Ibom, many Willie-Willies has become sacrificial Willy-Willies, yet the elders are watching and taking sides.
The Akwa Ibom crisis has become “Comedy of Errors”, I am not passing judgement, but ghost of Willie-Willie will walk through the streets of Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, Eket, Oron, and the entire state and everybody will run.
Yes, the crisis is beyond Majority/minority divide, it is a fight between power and determination, a fight between a Lion and a Bingo. The Lion, despite ripping Bingo apart, Bingo hangs on to life.
Lastly, let me end this article by declaring it a ‘Football Match”. The Captain remains the Captain, but very soon, the Captain will be benched, like Yobo and the second most experienced player, who is down with injury will bounce back like Emenike, and like him, will regain his groove back, and score goals.
Written By: Paapa Akpan
 Political Analyst, Social Commentator and Critic


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