Mos’ B Yung Speaks about G-Idea’s Album ‘Da Story Begins’


At the early hours of Monday 03/02/2014, Mos’ B Yung was sported in an eatery while hanging out with fans.

On his chat with crew; he speaks about G-Idea’s Album which happens to be his first debut album since he came in to the Music industry.

It was not just an interview but an interactive session. When he was asked about what he feels about the album and G-Idea in person, he had this to say:

What can you say about the album ‘Da Story Begins’
‘Da Story Begins’  album to me means the story has just began just as it implies; and being his first debut single I strongly believe that his fans cant wait to express their feeling having listened to tracks that made the album.

What do you think could be the philosophy behind the Album title ‘Da Story Begins’
We all have story to tell, as a matter of fact we have bad and good story to tell; so I will say the philosophy behind the Album title ‘Da Story Begins’ is that his New and Good story has just began. Just as many will be praying to God to change their story, I strongly believe that it’s high time for G-Idea to start telling people his new story as a result of his debut album..

As an Artiste working with G-Idea, what can you say about him as a person and as a producer?
Actually he is humble, kind, and a respectful producer here in RaffiaCITY that I can always boast of. Having been able to connect with other mind blowing producers like: Dan Jiggy, Teego, Mr Kaey, Otyno, Mr. Duke of Talk Recordz, 1+, and the rest of them, I think he got what it take to stand out in the Nigerian Music Industry..

He has been a very good producer right from the time I knew him. I was introduced to him by My Manager Xbeef when I was about recording my second hit single Champion [Prod. by Eminik]. Since the time I knew him he has been working tirelessly on his album. Although he had financial challenges that led to the delay of the album release, but now we thank God for making it possible for him to put finishing touches to the project.

What is your appreciation to God for making G-idea’s dream come true?
First off all, all praise to Jah for making his dream come true, a big shout out to all his fans, Brothers, friends and family who has supported him in one way or the other. I pray may God bless them all.

What are your words for you fans out there going the same way you going?
For some of you out there who has been looking for an opportunity like this to Release to your album, all you need to do is to be passionate about your music career and always take courage when situation seems to get bitter at the long run. God has done it for G-Idea, and he will also do it for you if you are diligent and consistent.

He later also used the opportunity to inform his fans all over the world about his new hit single ‘Fine Girl’ officially dropping on 14 Feb. 2014.

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