Be Failure-Proof: Join The Ekpenyong Ntekim Movement


There is election in the air in Nigeria and citizens are soon heading for the polls to elect their leaders all over the country. The time therefore calls for retrospection of Akwa Ibom prospects, while at the same time calling for personal introspection vis-a-vis personal aspirations. It is no wittiness that democracy offers ample opportunities for individuals to turn the ship of Akwa Ibom State in the right direction, being a people based political system of governance.

The first step for an individual as far as the political process is concerned is to take charge. Power belongs to the people because they are the ones who domicile the mandate of leadership in the hands of another. This then makes it a sacred duty for every Nigerian to take political participation serious, while at the present stage endorsing and canvassing for various aspirants. Election time table is being sequenced by INEC and various political parties have issued campaign and nomination schedules to field their candidates for general elections in Nigeria. The significance of the forthcoming political events in the country calls for greater moral vestiges to shield individuals from moral crisis and negligent conduct.

This is the time for the electorates to deploy advantages of strength at the bargaining table to scrutinise the genuineness of each aspirant and secure for themselves a viable future rather than expose themselves to the perils of an unfavourable aspirant’s administrative bureaucracies. Being failure-proof is choosing Godswill Akpabio’s successor the right way.

Ekpenyong Ntekim political movement has taken off quietly, and it needs people like you to be part of it. There will be campaigns, nominations, more campaigns, and elections. There is the likelihood for horse-trading during the political process and if your are unprepared you may get caught in the political cross fire.

Ekpenyong Ntekim’s political movement is setting a didactic precedence for a number of reasons: 1) He is able to hit the ground running as next Governor of Akwa Ibom State from 29th May, 2015; 2) He does not require too much convincing to sell his candidacy and therefore not a political liability to the state and the political system. 3) Ekpenyong Ntekim has always been there for us in so many ways, securing our collective future, even before joining the state executive council of the incumbent administration of which he is currently a part of.

INEC and the political parties are working out the political sequence to elect leaders into various tiers of government. Time tables have been released and before you know it, you will be hearing, “Happy new year, let’s vote”. This is the right time to ponder the effectiveness of whatever movement or divide you may have found yourself as there can be no excuse after nominations have been concluded and elections settled. After that will be swearing-in and the executives assume office to face their constitutionally assigned roles.

There can be no second-guessing than to get it right, get it right by making yourself failure-proof by joining the Ekpenyong Ntekim movement now; it’s open and available to you. Don’t also second-guess that results have already been concluded, there will be nothing like that. Also, violence or breakdown of law and order should not be an excuse as society has grown beyond that and at this time that has been taken care of.

Just like landing a man on the moon, you can land a man on Akwa Ibom’s Hilltop Mansion; it only takes deliberate effort to join the right movement. Also, the political system is not biased but your lack of sophistication makes it seem so. Join the Ekpenyong Ntekim political movement today.

You need to be tested in Akwa Ibom succession dynamics in order to secure the future of the state. Anything else exposes you to the vagaries of the political process and you don’t want to get caught in the dilemma of the process, nor being a victim of the political process in any form. Far from it, you can rather shield yourself by being disconnected from purposeless excitement, as this is most unhelpful. No political movement will thrive on mere inappropriate or bizarre posturing through demonstration of catatonic avarice for power by metropolitan politicians. An attempt at such will certainly tilt the odds against such compromised politicians because they are adulterated and inaccessible for the grassroots.

It is necessary to repeat once again that being with a loser is a liability and you cannot do it on purpose. A winning camp usually has less baggage, and that’s what makes Ekpenyong Ntekim the most sellable aspirant right now. He definitely has less baggage and does not require cajoling or too much painting to be attractive. He is instantly attractive. Being part of Akwa Ibom succession dynamics is your right, accept it and join the Ekpenyong Ntekim movement.

Ekpenyong Ntekim can deliver. You need to tow the path of honour and be failure-proof by joining the Ekenyong Ntekim movement. Even if you don’t make it to a register, his campaign train will be stopping near you, that equally is a good opportunity to identify with the movement. You can equally offer your prayers and exhibit supportive and influencing bahaviours.

The main idea is that you need to contribute to shape stable political ideologies so as to enjoy explainable political participation. It is from such behaviours that moral principles are upheld and the possibility of poetic justice is secured. You have the power to make Ekpenyong Ntekim an institution by shaping political opinion in his favour. Therefore, the time is now for you to take the right direction, be failure-proof, tow the path of honour, join the Ekpenyong Ntekim movement.

[+] By Udoette Akpanebe


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