Poem: Ghetto

Life ain’t easy growing up in the ghetto
People suffering, no foods, cloths or someone to turn to
Mama always tell me to take life easy that she loves me
She hugs me every day as a reminder to love everyone around me
Son, she says, you’ve got to work hard to make a living
Going through college, getting a job wasn’t easy from the beginning
So I went down on my knees and pray
For God has a reason for watching over me
Every day I ask God for his plans towards me
I have been putting on the same cloths for years
Graduating out from college was only by his grace
The world don’t regard me because of where I am from
I vowed in my life to do everything to prove the world wrong
For I have got every right to leave a decent life
I used to trek the distance to hang out at my best friend’s house
Every day my dreams grew stronger, I knew life can be as deserved
But I couldn’t afford to take my girlfriend out,
For I wasn’t able to give her the love she deserved
With holes in my shoes I trend my way seeking for a job that’s not lost
I read every book I could find, searching why life is difficult
I sat down one night crying and asked God what I have done
Why suffering for something I knew not when it occur
I couldn’t take care of mom and my little sister
But tried not to leave home without smile in my hand
I had hope as a companion, only he knows where it hurt me most inside
My dreams are always around me, they remind me to put distractions aside
In the ghetto, we share everything we had together
Love was not scares for everyone was a brother
When it rains, I spent the whole night awake
Watching little drops find their way through my room in the dark
It’s beautiful to have a dream, even when they are sometimes vogue
For out of this world, no man can breach the stars from shining above
For no matter what the world throw at me
In life someday the world is going to appreciate me
I am going to make it and fly so high
And look back at the world and smile

[+] Written By: Akan Udofia of www.akanudofia.blogspot.com


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