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Ndito Boys and Girls Organization…Not Just another Socio-Political Youth Group

The role of the youth in the path to nation building is a crucial one. The future of the country lies in the hands of the youth. The youth are filled with tremendous and towering visions and aspirations.

It  will  be  a  great wastage  of  human  resources  if  these  youths  are  not  given  an  opportunity  to deploy their treasures, engage their intelligence, and exercise their talents.

With the vision of being a frontline youth organization promoting democratic governance, human rights, youth political participation, and entrepreneurial empowerment, Ndito Boys and Girls Organization’s a mission is to educate and empower young people through capacity-building, research and public policy advocacy in order to promote youth participation in democratic and governance processes.

Ndito Boys and Girls Organization seeks to launch itself as an innovative “youth think and do”  tank that focuses on  in-depth research,  providing critical analysis  of  key democratic  and  governance  issues,  crafting  practical  solutions,  training  and situating youth leaders in strategic point of engagements within their community.

Using  this  approach,  this organization will  implement  several  innovative  programs  aimed  at stimulating  active  citizenship,  protecting  human  rights  an d  deepening democratic governance.

As a group of young people who are passionate about social change and community development, Ndito Boys and Girls Organization believes that young people, most especially entrepreneurs, must have a say in government.

Youths must learn how democracy works. Their active involvement in the political process will further strengthen social integration, democratic processes and democratic values. This imbues in them a new consciousness and a strong sense of awareness so much that they begin to feel that they are important stakeholders.

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