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Why Most Men Ejaculate Within Two Minutes Of Sex

An urologist from New York Presbyterian Hospital, USA, Dr Harry Fisch, has finally revealed why most men reach orgasm within two minutes of starting penetrative sex.

According to the leading sexual health doctor, early ejaculation is a question that most couples wonder about constantly – but no one really knows the answer to.

Dr Fisch claimed that though an average couple has sex two to three times a week but many men are not able to hold out long enough to satisfy their partners due quick ejaculation.

He believes this is much too quick for the average woman adding that most women need five to seven minutes to reach orgasm.

The doctor says it is not uncommon for men to reach orgasm within minutes of sex because an average man has 11 erections a day and that some young men see having sex many times a day as normal.

He believes an average couple has sex every one to three days in their 20s and that this drops to about twice a week for those between 30 and 50.

He says married couple over the age of 50 tend to have sex less than once a week.

Premature/quick ejaculation has been discovered as one of the causes of marital issues between couples

Dr Fisch added that most couples have sex at least once a day when they are first together but that this declines over time.

However, he went on to say that what each individual couple is happy with varies.

He says some couples are happy with frequent sex, while others prefer quality over quantity.

Dr Fisch says that it is absolutely fine as people should do whatever is normal and appealing to them.

But, he adds that it is not normal not to want any sex at all.

“That’s really the point: not how much sex you’re having, but whether you and your partner are happy with the sex you are having.

‘Quality wins out over quantity every time. It’s all about the satisfaction,” he wrote in Nerve.com.

He went on to explain that an average couple has sex for 7.3 minutes at a time and that this is not always long enough for women, who tend to take longer than men to orgasm.

He concludes by suggesting that men who take less than two minutes, or more than 40, to orgasm should consider visiting their doctors.

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